Hardship Grants

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Household Fund

We offer Household Fund grants to residents of Derby, covering essential items such as cookers, furniture and clothing to help local families in need. Grants awarded are usually up to £150 and must be made via a local agency worker, such as a social worker, health visitor or family support worker. These grants are directly payable to nominated suppliers.

The Janet Till Fund

The Janet Till Fund is intended to cover emergency situations where people are in immediate hardship or distress. We provide assistance with one-off grants to help with the cost of electricity, gas, and food. Where the applicant has a pre-payment meter, the Trust will top this up using a PayPoint voucher. Vouchers are also awarded for food. Grants are limited to a 24-month period. As with the Household Fund, grants can only be made via a local agency worker.
For more information please email info@liversagetrust.org

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